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The Grown-up Girl's Guide to Style: A Maintenance Bible for Fashion, Beauty, and More . . .by Christine Schwab

 Renowned style expert and fashion consultant Christine Schwab sees aging as an opportunity to revitalize your style and enliven your attitude. In her frank, opinionated, and provocative style, she writes the book that defies many of the fashion and beauty industry philosophies.

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Overcoming Sales Barriers

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From the Editor: As we move to a new format, and eNewsletter service provider, we wanted to close out the last eighteen months of publication with the Top 6 articles from the last twelve months. As we

Top 6 Articles from the last twelve months (in order by month):

o April, 2007Workplace Trends: “The co-working facility—Is it right for me?

o February, 2007Marketing Maelstrom: Blogging - More than just social media.”

o December, 2006Change in the Workplace: What to Wear? - Women’s fashion in the workplace

o October, 2006Management Maze: The ease of putting collaboration to work for you

o August, 2006Marketing Maelstrom: Keeping your brand “alive

o June, 2006 Management Maze: Why Your Sales Compensation Plan Isn’t Enough

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In the last couple of months, we released a new addition to our Blog: Podcasts! These audio tips are available from our Podcast directory on the Blog, as well as iTunes, Podcast Alley, and Odeo. The response and increase in subscriber rates has told us people are looking for more, so we are in the process of recording additional segments for your listening pleasure.

The Grown-Up Girl's Guide to Style: A Maintenance Bible for Fashion, Beauty, and More . . .