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June, 2008
Issue: 33
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Our new format will follow the categories in our popular blog. Here are just a few:
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Each month, we will include at least two of the most popular blog Posts for the month, and intersperse articles from our guest columnists when they are available. We are going to use the Popularity Widget ("Visitors to this page also liked:") on the blog to help us choose content; this Widget automatically reflects the worldwide interest from our blog visitors and subscribers.
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Keep those emails coming our way, we enjoy hearing from you. In the mean time, here's a popular story we just ran on the blog: " White Noise in computing: Change channels, mute, or turn it off? "; we hope you enjoy it!
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Levolor's innovative technology in window coverings and blinds

Window blinds are often seen as simple designs of adjustable slats made of wood, metal, or vinyl for windows and doors. When it comes to window coverings and blinds, Levolor stands out as a well-known and trusted brand of product and performance.
Levolor takes the window covering options to new levels with options like cordless blinds and shades for safety, cellular shades to reduce energy loss, or solar shades that filter light and reduce the harmful effects of UV rays.
Cordless blinds and shades "replaces the outer lift cords with a spring motor system, reducing the risk of strangulation. The spring motor system allows you to raise or lower the shade with a simple push or pull on the bottom bar." This is an ideal solution for protecting young children and pets. 
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Overcoming Sales Barriers
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Levolor's innovative technology
How do you record your Podcasts?
Podcast: Project the date and probability of close
A Good Read: The Style Bible - build a versatile wardrobe
Ask A Question? 

"How do you record your Podcasts?" 
We record at a local commercial recording studio. We normally record five episodes at one time, and it can take up to two weeks for editing and reproduction to the blog. We are considering adding video interviews in the future.
Most Downloaded Podcast
You have submitted your proposal and await a decision from the customer. You have taken all the necessary steps to fulfill the customer's request for pricing and information. How can you now project the date and probability of when the order may close?
Download this episode - "Project the date and probability of when the order may close"
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A Good Read

The Style Bible - fashion
The Style Bible is an indispensable handbook filled with fundamentals that every man can use to improve his dress sense and lifestyle. Divided into 11 rules, The Style Bible helps you build a versatile wardrobe; coordinate different colors, patterns, and accessories; learn which clothes flatter your body type; and navigate the worlds of shoes, jeans, and watches. You'll also learn how to dress appropriately for any occasion or environment, from meetings at the office to first dates and nights on the town.

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