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June, 2007
Issue: 23
This is the First Edition with our new eNewsletter format. We will be working to refine our design and content in the future to provide you with the best information, ideas, and topics related to a better business model. We will continue to offer the personal side of everyday living, too.
Next month we will return to full text articles. This month we chose to feature some of the more popular Posts and comments from our Sales Barriers Blog.
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...and we should point out our Innovation category that features many new products and ideas that offer a "New twist on an old idea or business".

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Not only can you find our Podcasts on the Blog, but also you will find them featured as downloads from iTunes, Odeo, and Podcast Alley. We have found other Podcast portals that are linking to this audio content as well.
Beginning in July, we will start a new series of Podcasts that feature our most recent recordings. You can subscribe to the Podcasts through iTunes, or receive them in your RSS feed from the Sales Barriers newsfeed.
We are interested in hearing from you about what topics you would like featured in future Podcasts. Please write to us at: podcast@nvestntech.com.
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Featured Reading
Toyota is now one of the top three car companies in the U.S. according to the New York Times--a fact that would have been unthinkable just a decade ago. May, a senior advisor with the University of Toyota, reveals how Toyota's philosophy of team-based innovation and creative business practices has made this -postindustrial manufacturing company a winner.

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