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July, 2008
Issue: 34
Off to a new start!
This is our first issue with our new content sources and topics. In August, we will reintroduce guest articles and columns along with at least two of the most popular blog Posts for the month. Our most popular One Goal - Revenue Generation series Podcast for the month will remain in the far right column, along with the recommended reading. We encourage you to listen to the Podcast and pass the link on to others.
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In-house Software Goes to Market
BuilderLink™ puts material control and inventory into the hands of the building contractor

Much has been written about the creative and innovative talent of today's CIOs. For some, their in-house work can turn into a commercialized application for sale to others. So it is with BuilderLink™; the exception here is that the driving force behind this launch was a seasoned lumberyard manager with a penchant for computer systems and software.
What began years ago as an in-house 'green screen' software application called M2L - short for "Modem to Load 'em" - has evolved into a more robust, browser-based commercial application called BuilderLink™. Having been familiar with the initial launch of its predecessor, M2L, I welcomed the invitation to experience a new-user training session, and the offer to feature a product review here in the blog.
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Online Video 
Online video allows viral marketing to operate at the neighborhood or street level
Those of you following the Small Group Wisdom series in this blog know that the makeup of the group is neighbors who are operating as a think tank, or early-stage (emerging) venture for the next 'Great Idea'. Regular readers and subscribers to this blog (and our eNewsletter) also know my fondness for viral marketing and the momentum that can be gained by the one-to-many nature of it.
This morning, both of these activities kicked in. I received a link to a video from a neighbor and fellow group member. The video is called "Peace: The Biography of a Symbol" introducing a book by the same name published by National Geographic. He had sent this to a fairly large list of people, many of whom I recognized as neighbors and friends. 
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Breaking the Ties that Bind You
Sales & Marketing - Break the ties that bind you

Yesterday, I found myself launching into yet another explanation of the difference between Sales & Marketing. It usually starts with the notion that the number of accounts closed from a marketing event (or effort) was less than expected. The case in point was a series of workshops or seminars.
The way we see the roles of Sales & Marketing is one of "cause and effect". We believe that Marketing (as a department or effort) will "cause" an event to occur, and Sales will "effect" (or bring about) the outcome. Looking at it another way, Marketing's efforts will bring forth customer purchase opportunities that will rest with Sales to bring to closure. 
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Overcoming Sales Barriers
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In-house Software Goes to Market
Online Video
Breaking the Ties that Bind You
How long have you been blogging?
Podcast: When it comes to searching for new contacts...
A Good Read: The Three Signs of a Miserable Job
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"How long have you been blogging?" 
 "I began blogging in 2005 as a (personal) "soapbox" for better business models to compliment the monthly eNewsletter content from others. I try and Post at least twice a week and there are now over 200 Posts in the blog." - Peter Kusterer, NvestNtech
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A Good Read

The Three Signs of a Miserable Job: A Fable for Managers
Patrick Lencioni's The Three Signs of a Miserable Job: A Fable for Managers (And Their Employees), tells the inspiring tale a high-flying, but deeply dissatisfied Chief Executive Officer who ditches the power and perks for career bliss as the manager of a pizzeria!

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