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July, 2007
Issue: 24
From the Editor:
This month we focus on mobility in computing. From delivering 'snail mail' to your email Inbox to putting mobile computing in the palm of your hand, we believe mobility without the traditional tether to your home or office is closer than ever before.
We begin with a story about receiving traditional 'postal route' mail (a.k.a., 'snail mail') in your Inbox. This offers new possibilities to better manage a work/life balance while traveling on business, temporary assignments, or while taking a vacation. For businesses, this may offer a new opportunity to maintain business continuity with the departure of virtual employees.
Innovations that offer a "New twist on an old idea or business" returns this month and features products from Ossur for prosthetics and braces. This is the first time we have turned to one company for both products.
You have asked us for news of tools, technology, or methods to improve your work. We are pleased to feature this month the introduction of the Palm Foleo as a "mobile companion".This product is being placed in the new category of device called a "tweener" to convey the idea that the device is between a traditional laptop/notebook and a PDA or SmartPhone. Be sure to watch video #2 noted below, and take a tour from the various links we have put in the newsletter. We believe you will quickly see how it is "Different from the moment you turn it on."
Don't hesitate to tell us what you think of our changes, and those topics you would like to see covered in the future. We will be conducting a subscriber survey next month that will include other changes we have planned for future issues. So, please complete the survey and add your comments. We look forward to hearing from you.
Outsource your 'snail mail' to your InboxECM mail screen shot
As a business professional, your postal mail can be a challenge to manage. You may have a PO Box and drive miles to pick up your mail, or possibly you pay a mail forwarding service to ship the mail to you while you're on the road. Many of us return home from business trips to stacks of mail to sort through, most of which turns out to be junk mail.
What if you could take it with you without the bulk? You could manage your postal mail as you travel - as easily as voicemail, or email. For more of the story, please click here.
Not a laptop, but a mobile companion
Foleo with keys and SmartPhoneThink about the work you do on the go. If you're like most people, you check email, visit websites, and maybe look at a photo or two.
Your smartphone is great for these things when you're looking for quick bits of information or sending a brief response to an email. There are times you may want a big screen and keyboard to view attachments, type longer emails, or get a bigger look at web pages and photos you'd normally view on your smartphone. But you'd rather not take your laptop along-and let's face it, you don't always need everything on it.
Not a laptop, but a mobile companion!
Watch the video (we recommend video #2) to learn how the Palm Foleo came to be. With this link, see how to have "Remote Access to Work and Home PC Content" with the Palm Foleo.
Innovative Products Ossur Proprio Foot
This is the first time we have featured products from the same company, Ossur, whose driving inspiration is "to help others pursue a life without limitations."
PROPRIO FOOT™ - The combination of applying technology to human physiology brings forth a prosthetic foot that has built-in sensors for spatial orientation, artificial intelligence (AI) for acting on inputs, and the mechanical means to deliver the appropriate response in movement.
UnloaderŪ technology for Osteoarthritis pain relief - A knee brace with this technology reduces the load on the joint allowing the wearer to reduce pain and increase activity. This unique technology passes the load placed on the joint across three points of leverage by using a diagonal strap across the knee as the third leverage point.
Click here for the Ossur Video on the company.
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He has spent more than five years learning the secrets of the New Rich, a fast-growing subculture who has abandoned the "deferred-life plan" and instead mastered the new currencies-time and mobility-to create luxury lifestyles in the here and now.
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