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February, 2008
Issue: 30
From the Editor:
Have you considered WiMax as an alternative for your broadband connectivity requirements? Not familiar with what it is? In this month's issue we introduce articles and information that can help you better understand WiMax and evaluate your options for your business.
Struggling with sales forecasts? Not meeting your sales and revenue deadlines? We have included an intro and links to "Rolling forecast is like pushing a rope". We think you will look closer at how you hold salespeople accountable for closing sales in a timely manner.
This month's Innovative Product from Delphi is the XpressRC XM Satellite Radio. And, follow the margin column to this month's most downloaded Podcast, and our recommended book featured in A Good Read.
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Is WiMax right for your business?
WiMax - a high performance broadband alternative

There are numerous Web sites offering advice and counsel to small and medium business owners. One of our favorites is smSmallBiz.com, which is produced by SmartMoney Magazine. They also share content from Entrepreneur Magazine, The Wall Street Journal Online's Entrepreneur and AllBusiness.com.

Follow this link to an article titled: "Some Small Firms Try WiMax". Whether you are considering WiMax as your primary connection, or possibly as a backup, this article can help you better understand some of the risks and rewards to this new wave of broadband connectivity for your business. WiMax can also serve as part of your larger plan for Disaster Recovery in the event of an emergency and loss of the traditional 'landline'.

Here's a link to a primer of sorts on WiMax from Intel. With Sprint and other larger players coming into the market, it won't be long before availability will be coming to your business neighborhood.
Rolling forecast is like pushing a rope
Take control of your sales forecast 
The topic of missed sales (closure) dates came up in a recent conversation with a prospective client. It's a common dialogue for us, as the idea of not hitting a forecast brings to their attention the need to make changes in their sales process. What clients often hear from me is, "Anyone can hide under a 90-day forecast." Letting that time frame extend without end (date) only leads to more mystery and suspense.
Most forecasts for sales include the probable date for closure (i.e., an order for product or contract signature). Companies then 'roll-up' their forecast(s) and apply it against the rest of the Budget. Since both the Budget and the forecast are date sensitive, any slippage can have a ripple effect on the rest of the organization.
For more of the story, click here.
Innovative Products 
A satellite radio that multitasks like you
Delphi XpressRC in carMany of us enjoy onboard satellite radio in our cars. We can subscribe to hundreds of programs and stations and be able to listen to them as we drive long distances. This is the unit for those that don't have a factory install or want portability (use the car kit), or want to continue their listening experience at home or in the office (use the home kit).
Delphi XpressRC screenThe Delphi Xpress RC offers more features to enhance your listening and operational pleasures. The new color screen makes tuning a more lively experience with a split screen color display; you can easily view channel, artist, song title, and info extras via various screens. You can select alerts when your favorite sports teams are playing, too. The radio also lets you save up to 10 of your favorite songs to listen to later as well as the ability to pause and replay up to 60 minutes of programming.
The Delphi XpressRC XM Satellite Radio includes a universal connector, which allows easy movement of radio between car, home, and audio systems with compatible accessories..
Overcoming Sales Barriers
In This Issue
Is WiMax right for your business?
Rolling forecast is like pushing a rope
A satellite radio that multitasks like you
Contact Management - Paper or Digital
WiMAX Crash Course
This Month's
most downloaded Podcast
Many of us have tried a number of automated or software contact managers, only to determine that automation does not seem to work well for us. We then resort to a spiral bound notebook to make notes and maintain a schedule. But, it's now getting out of control and you feel like you are losing track of the work that needs to be done. How can you gain the advantage of an automated system without the automation?
A Good Read

WiMax Crash Course

WiMAX Crash Course offers an accessible overview of the revolutionary solution for wireless delivery of broadband services.
Using real-world examples, the book explains how WiMAX works and discusses the business and economic implications of this groundbreaking technology.

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