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December, 2008
Issue: 38
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From Women's Fashion to Business Development
This month we bring back Jennifer Huggard of Tyler House to tell us about Recessionistas and tips for saving money on Women's Fashion. Jennifer's popular article "What to Wear? - Women's fashion in the workplace" continues to be one of the most sought-after searches on our Web site.
Our Innovation this month is the Dremel #675 Lawn Mower & Garden Tool Sharpener, and the featured Podcast deals with "When you need to retract a forecasted sale, how do you 'break the news'?"
Do you have a hankering for writing short articles about your personal experience or expertise? We will be adding sections in the New Year that will incorporate more content from you, our readers and subscribers. Please see the Help Wanted note in this month's eNewsletter.
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"Recessionistas" - Women's Fashion
Jennifer Huggard, Tyler House
Let's face it, when times are tough, women still want to look great.  So, for all you "Fashionistas" who are becoming "Recessionistas", here are some tips on saving money while still looking great at the office.
Don't sacrifice quality on the backbone of your wardrobe.  Poor quality fabric and workmanship is easy to spot in tailored pieces like suits and jackets.  Better to buy quality pieces on sale than to buy inexpensive lines.  If you shop these lines, then learn what makes a garment look cheap and walk away from deals if they don't make the grade.  Lesser quality fabrics look better in dark colors.  The imperfections are less visible.  Make sure hemlines are even and linings do not show.  Vertical seams that pucker should always be avoided.
Read the rest of "Recessionistas" by clicking here.
Sales and Business Development
"Don't screw up!"
While reading a local NBC17 (WNCN) news story titled, "Some Industries Identified As 'Recession Proof'", they cited Forbes.com as saying some recession-proof jobs were "Sales Representative and Business Development", and "Sales Executive" (Forbes.com attributed the ranking to "...Jobfox.com, a job board founded by the creator of CareerBuilder.com.").
In the Forbes.com article, these sales positions are described as "...peddling goods or services..." Although peddling by definition - to travel about with wares for sale (Merriam-Webster) - may portray the activity, it can paint a picture of someone who hawks their goods in a disapproving way. For those of us who practice Selling as a profession, and not just some casual job or pursuit of a paycheck, I find the term "peddling" undermines the serious effort many of us put forth as sales professionals.
Read more by clicking here.
Innovation - Dremel Tool Sharpener
Lawn Mower & Garden Tool Sharpener
Dremel 675 SharpenerSince I like to store the Summer yard equipment in good order, I decided I would put a little extra effort into the lawnmower this weekend. After running the leaf blower, I wanted to run a sharp mower blade on these final cuts from the Fall planting of grass seed.

Fortunately, I had recently come across a new attachment for my older Black & Decker Wizard® rotary tool - this unit has been replaced by the new RTX™ series. The Dremel #675 Lawn Mower & Garden Tool Sharpener has a guide that attaches to the end of a variety of brands of rotary tools and acts as a guide and sharpener in-one - you need to remove the rotary tool's housing cap to attach the guide.
Click here to read the story behind this handy tool.
Help Wanted - Aspiring columnists
We want to hear more stories and experiences from our readers and subscribers; pass this on to friends and business associates, too. Our plan is to add sections to the eNewsletter that will incorporate the following columns on a bi-monthly rotation, i.e., you are signing-up for six contributions per year. Look over the list and tell us of your interest in becoming one of our regular contributors. Article size would be 300 words, or less.
  • Software & Services, e.g., Open Source code, Collaboration, Wikis, Web-tech, etc.
  • Travel & Leisure, e.g., travel tips, favorite destinations, and ways to better navigate the airlines
  • Lifestyle & Fashion, e.g., time management, work/life balance, favorite fashion (men and women), etc.
  • Gadgets & Technology, e.g., phones, PDAs, Netbooks, "Go Green" and "Clean Tech", etc.
  • Hobbies & Home Care, e.g., DIY tools and tips, cycling and exercise, cars, etc.
  • Best Practices, e.g., better business models, working in teams, virtual workplace, etc.
Overcoming Sales Barriers
In This Issue
"Recessionistas" - Women's Fashion
Sales and Business Development
Innovation - Dremel Tool Sharpener
Help Wanted - Aspiring columnists
Ask A Question?: Why do you include Innovative products
Podcast: Miss your forecasted sale
A Good Read: The One Hundred
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"Why do you include Innovative products in a newsletter geared to Sales & Marketing?" 
Our readers share an interest in new ideas, products, and helpful tips that relate to their personal lives, or in their business. We try and feature products from personal experience, or ones that we deem innovative in design or use.
Most Downloaded Podcast
As you miss the commitment date to your forecasted sale, you are beginning to doubt your ability to deliver this new business. You have now determined that you are unable to meet the customer's specifications and will need to retract your forecasted sale. How do you 'break the news'?
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A Good Read

The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own
The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own
by Nina Garcia (Author), Ruben Toledo (Illustrator)
   Exactly what are fashion's timeless pieces? The One Hundred answers this question and provides women with a tangible style map to follow when planning a shopping trip and stocking one's closet. With illustrations from world-renowned fashion illustrator Ruben Toledo, The One Hundred contains the 100 items that Nina believes will never go out of style, and that have become absolutely indispensible for any woman reaching for her own eternal fashion look.

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