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August, 2008
Issue: 35
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Disaster Recovery Assessments
By Jim Ritchey, Delta Initiative
The Recognized Need
Today's business is faced with a balancing act between the organization's ability to respond to a disaster, and the costs associated with continuing operations or returning to a state of normalcy in the face of an event.  In order to maintain this balance, the organization should begin with an assessment of their current operation.
The goal of this assessment should include an understanding of the risks, the state of readiness, and recommendations for a Disaster Recovery Plan.  The assessment should begin with an evaluation of the organization's needs and the current technologies in use (i.e., evaluate the risks and determine the current state of readiness).
The Assessment Experience
Initial discussions should be centered on the definition of a disaster, the likelihood of an occurrence, and the associated impact to the organization.  Once the disaster potential and impacts are understood, the needs can be prioritized for a catastrophic event. 
Most business processes depend on several systems and core services (e.g., network devices, printing, authentication, etc.) to function properly.  These dependencies should be identified, reviewed, and catalogued for each process in an easily understood diagram or flowchart.  
of readiness).
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Better Webinars and Webconferences 
In the next GoToMeeting, turn on the record button
As a long time user of Webinar/Webconference tools and services - all the way back to the early days of Microsoft's NetMeeting (now replaced in Vista with Windows Meeting Space) - we often conduct meetings, trainings, and internal collaboration using Citrix Online GoToMeeting. It's been an effective tool, and with today's cost of travel and (potential loss of) productivity, it has saved us significant time and money in our work.
Once used primarily as a presentation tool, or for the collaboration of ideas, our N2tech division has found a new way to help us better serve our customers and reduce our cost of software development - not to mention a more rapid delivery of code.
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Innovation - Swisher ATV QuickSwitch™
Expands ATV function and usefulness

With gas prices at an all-time high, recreational vehicles will probably see a continued decline in use. ATVs may begin collecting dust by sitting idle in the garage or storage shed waiting for hunting season. But, what if you could put more use into this vehicle year-round and make it a bigger helper around the homestead?
In talking to one of our readers, he told me the folks at Swisher have done just that. Known for their lawn and garden power equipment, they have a full product line of accessories that operate as the Swisher ATV QuickSwitch™ System. The universal-fit mounting system is based on a frame under the ATV; the operator can choose from eight attachment options that are mounted to the front or rear of the vehicle.
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Overcoming Sales Barriers
In This Issue
Disaster Recovery Assessments
Better Webinars and Webconferences
Innovation - Swisher ATV QuickSwitch
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"What aspect of Selling are you asked about most?" 
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