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April/May, 2008
Issue: 32
From the Editor:
Most everyone would agree that employee training, as well as for our own individual needs, is essential to long-term success in your work and your business. In this month's feature, "Training Pays Dividends to the Business", we emphasize the need for training on common PC software applications. Learn about HP's free, online training programs that can help you, and your employees become more proficient in their jobs.
Looking for data on demographic, business, and industry growth projections? In this issue we present "Detailed business information is just a keystroke away" which offers links to information from various departments within the US Government. This detailed information is available at no cost to you.
This month's Innovative Products are simple solutions for "Going Eco-friendly" outside the home. From the Biodegradable Weed Mat for your garden to the authentic Self-Watering Whiskey Barrel Planter (it's actually made of indestructible half-inch-thick recycled plastic), you'll be able to have chemical free weed protection and conserve water.
p.s. You told us that you would like to see the newsletter earlier in the month. So, this issue is a bridge edition between April and May. Beginning in June, your newsletter will arrive the first week of the month. We appreciate your comments and suggestions. We want to hear from you. Send us your tips and suggestions to: newsletter@nvestntech.com.
Training Pays Dividends to the Business
Higher employee productivity & better overall job satisfaction

Nearly every business owner would agree that the investment in staff training can pay dividends back to the business in higher productivity and better overall job satisfaction. However, one area often overlooked in employee training is the common software on most employees' personal computers.

It's often difficult to allocate time for training on common PC software applications, or afford the absence of staff when they are sent to local training centers that specialize in this work. This is when online training programs may be the best option. Hewlett-Packard's "Learning Center" offers free, online classes that are available 24/7.

Courses are available in a wide range of business categories, topics, and software applications.

To learn more, click here.
Detailed business information is just a keystroke away
Get detailed information from the Government at no cost
Here's a simple example of the data that is available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Let's say you want to see the trend of spending on Cell Phone Services compared to Residential Phone Services. Click on this link to see the results.
The U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics has an extensive database covering a wide range of topics. Some of the categories of information are: Inflation & Consumer Spending, Productivity, Wages, Earnings, & Benefits, Demographics, Occupations, Industries, Business Costs, and more.
Looking for some quick information on population growth, income, and other demographic specific data? Another department with a wealth of information is the Census Bureau. From the "QuickFacts" section of the Web site, you can obtain detailed information at the national, state, county, and city level. The Census Bureau offers a wide array of Data Access Tools for you to gain insight into many facets of our population at home (residence) or the workplace.
p.s. Do you have a younger person in your household that is trying to decide on career opportunities? Then have them visit the "Kid's Page" _ better described as "Exploring Career Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics" _ that can help them decide the best job choices to pursue a career.
Innovative Products 
Biodegradable Weed Mat and Self-Watering Whiskey Barrel
Biodegradable Weed MatBiodegradable Weed Mat is Eco-Friendly and Easy to Use. Made of 100% post- consumer waste, this paper weed mat is chemical-free and can be tilled right into the soil at season's end. Ideal for use in the vegetable garden, it can be cut to fit around your plants and helps retain soil moisture as well as keep weeds down.
Self-Watering Whiskey Barrel PlanterSelf-Watering Whiskey Barrel Planter Lasts for 20 Years - Barrel gardens overflowing with colorful flowers look great flanking a driveway, but wooden barrels crack or rot in a year or two. The Whiskey Barrel looks absolutely authentic, but it's actually made of indestructible half-inch-thick recycled plastic that has the grain and texture of wood, bound by rusted steel hoops that give it an antique look. Best of all, this barrel is self-watering!
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A Good Read

Square Foot Gardening
Mel Martholomew, a retired engineer, found the answer to the frustrations of most gardeners, "I found a better way to garden," says Mel, "one that's more efficient, more manageable and less work." The result is Square Foot Gardening. His method has received worldwide recognition for its simplicity and uniqueness and has been written up in every major newspaper and gardening magazine.

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