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Featured Article— April, 2006

Getting the word out is more than just text -- multimedia takes it to the next level.

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Getting news out about your company, products, and services is one of the most important steps in Promotion and Public Relations. Often companies turn to professional organizations like public relations or advertising agencies to assist them with announcements and press releases.


Many companies use in-house staff to develop this information and release it to the Press. Commonly called “Corporate Communications”, the size of the staff is often directly proportional to the size of the company. In some situations, it can rely on a ‘staff of one’ and an ‘approval of many’.


Once agreement is reached on the message and content, individuals or departments may turn to a commercial news distribution service. These services will transmit full-text news releases, regulatory filings, photos and other multimedia content to journalists, financial professionals, investor services, regulatory authorities and the general public worldwide.


With hundreds of thousands of releases going out each year, It becomes important to craft details “of the story” that can be understood by a wide audience of readers, and professionals in journalism, media, and publications.


“When your target audiences include reporters, editors, consumers and investors, we have found that multimedia news stories, on average, receive more than twice the numbers of ‘click-throughs’ as text-only news.”, commented Les Blatt, Multimedia Manager, BusinessWire, A Berkshire Hathaway Company. “Those audiences want a streamlined process to not only cover the news, but also reproduce it in the most eye-catching and story-telling way possible. Multimedia gives your news added visual branding, which in turn can get your photos into the world's leading web portals and news photo services.”


Multimedia is not limited to just photos. Although photos are one of the most effective multimedia tools, you can leverage the power of text, photos, video and sound in an attractive, user-friendly package that will be placed into newsroom systems, consumer portals, news sites, industry and multimedia feeds and hosted web pages.


Here are some tips to make your next Press Release with multimedia more effective:


· Start with an “Interesting Subject”. This can be either a person, a product, or a ‘setting’.

· Be sure the materials are well-lighted and composed in an effective setting. Poorly produced media will not show well. Be sure the lighting enhances or enriches the effect of the subject being featured in the media.

· Begin with a large enough source photo. Photos will shrink when scaled to the needs of the Web, newspapers, magazines, and “glossies”; this will vary from 72 dpi to 600 dpi or more. The larger the source photo, the better the reproduction across many media.

· Include a great caption. Often times, just the photo and caption will be picked up and featured as a teaser, or “stand-alone” attention-getter. The caption should get as much attention in composition as the supporting text in the press release.


Blatt went on to say, “Journalists tell us that they are more apt to consider a story when multimedia is part of the initial release. Some of the types of events that are well-suited for including photos or other multimedia are: product announcements, management changes, and feature stories.”


So, the next time you are ready to ‘spread the word’, consider multimedia along with your text. It could make the difference between being read in the inbox and the fast disappearance in the delete folder.


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