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Featured Article—May, 2006

Direct Response Marketing in a Digital World – Is there still room for traditional mail?

Priscilla Glaskin, Sales Supervisor –, Inc.


When it comes to Direct Response Marketing, the wealth of available marketing tools seem endless. The Digital Age has brought us the likes of electronic newsletters, interactive Web sites, multimedia content that can bring audio and video to the desktop, and the power of print and publication in simple, easy to use software applications. If you cannot do it yourself, there are plenty of choices to have people do it for you.


One of the fastest growing segments is an email newsletter from providers like Microsoft ListBuilder, or ConstantContact. You compose the message and graphics, and they take over in the delivery. This has brought a new level of ease of publication from the early days of a ListServ on an in-house server and email system. But, there is one important factor that can limit your best efforts: email SPAM. Proper etiquette (and Federal laws) dictates that the intended recipient solicits your email, i.e., it’s permission-based, or “opt-in”.


That’s were traditional mail can help. Over and above your own address/contact lists, there are many time-tested list providers that can provide you with targeted mailing lists for your products or services. You can perform highly segmented mailings to those buyers who are most likely to buy, or take advantage of what you have to offer. This can lower your cost of customer acquisition and increase your market presence and brand name recognition.


The Digital Age has brought us more than just the means to deliver a message across the Internet. It has given us the opportunity to compose and manage direct response marketing on the Web, and mail high-impact printed matter to a wider audience of potential and interested buyers.


Be it letters, presentation folders and collateral, or eye-catching postcards, traditional direct mail response marketing can be an all-digital event. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is so encouraged by the Digital Revolution that they provide a portal for marketing professionals to perform this work from their Web site.


At, Inc., customers can create & manage their own mailings or have a dedicated Account Executive oversee everything from beginning to end. From the user perspective, it becomes: upload corporate graphics, add a message, choose the recipients, and click “Send”. Your postcards are mailed the very next business day to your recipients.


This affords any size company or corporation, entrepreneur, or small business owner, the ability to conduct a direct mail campaign to anyone in the world via the U.S. Mail. Add the convenience of the Web to manage the event, as well as the low cost per unit sent, and you have a very cost-effective alternative for Direct Response Marketing in a Digital World. Every dollar used in creating a direct mail campaign can be accounted for and every response can be tracked. A company’s return on investment (ROI) should not be a guessing game; it should be more of an exact science. Direct mail offers this kind of accountability.


Direct marketing is unique to other forms of marketing in that it communicates directly to consumers through a one-to-one relationship and seeks to create an immediate action on the part of the audience. Targeting customers with a well planned direct mail campaign is still one of the most cost-effective tools in the marketer’s tool box. Concepts can be as simple as a well-designed postcard or as elaborate as a multi-media campaign.


Direct Response Marketing yields high-impact brand recognition to a targeted audience. Giving you a greater return on your investment!


Priscilla Glaskin is a Sales Supervisor for, Inc, a privately-held company located in Scottsdale, AZ. She can be reached at, or 866-872-4875.


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